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Our Mission

We are committed to the well being of each and every one of our patients.

This commitment is based on providing only the best that modern dentistry has to offer, maintaining up-to-date training and education, and practicing exceptional dental care in a comfortable, nurturing environment.

Each patient is special to us and we strive to create an experience unique to each person.

Dentist Dr. Jon and his team are — Giving You Reasons to Smile!

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It’s an exciting time at Dr. Jon’s new Lincoln office!

We are celebrating nine years of family dental service and are grateful to have helped so many patients and families with their dental needs in the Lincoln, Rocklin and Roseville area from our new office in Lincoln. Our family dental practice in Lincoln, is based on treating our patients in a professional, comfortable, and friendly environment. A patient from Roseville recently described his experience by saying, “You can tell that the patient is really the most important component to their practice.”

Having a small, personal team that’s passionate about the importance of dental care and exceptional customer service allows us to go beyond offering the typical services of a dentist. We understand that many factors can contribute to the condition of your mouth (diet, digestion, bite, stress level, etc.) and how it can affect your overall health.

Whether it’s performing common dental work, treating a TMJ disorder, or practicing the latest in cosmetic dentistry, we bring the highest level of experience and training to our patients and their families. As an LVI trained dentist, Dr. Jon is well known by Sacramento, Rocklin, Lincoln and Roseville dentists, colleagues, and community members for his unique qualifications and advanced methods that are used by the best dentists in the country.

Our goal is to make you feel good, look good, and help you achieve your personal health goals.

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