Relief for TMJ

Pain can disrupt your entire life. Pain in the head, face, eyes, ears, and teeth can be some of the most disruptive and draining pain in the body.

If pain and discomfort from TMJ are causing you to put your life on hold, it's time to get treatment. TMJ pain can interrupt sleep, cause dizziness and vision problems, and even lead to emotional exhaustion. 

Sound familiar? You're not alone. According to The TMJ Association, approximately 35 million Americans suffer from TMJ. The majority of those suffering are women who are in their childbearing years.

Dentists and TMJ…..?

People don’t typically think they should go to the dentist when they have a headache. Unfortunately, Temporomandibular Joint and Muscle Disorders (TMJDs) are very difficult to diagnose. They are characterized by pain in the jaw and surrounding tissues, and limitations in jaw movements, and their symptoms vary greatly.

After a patient has seen a medical doctor who has ruled out that their symptoms are not being caused by other serious health conditions, it’s important to get a dentist’s evaluation.

Dr. Jon’s Experience with TMJ

Dr. Jon’s knowledge in regards to bite alignment and TMJ ranks in the top five percent of all dentists. His Las Vegas Institute (LVI) training sets him apart from other dentists in the greater Sacramento, Roseville and Rocklin areas and enhances his understanding of the TMJ structure and of the treatments that have been proven to work.

Dr. Jon’s Treatments

Neuromuscular Dentistry

Dr. Jon provides effective TMJ treatment using Neuromuscular Dentistry. This type of dentistry retrains the muscles, tissues, and nerves, and brings the jaw into alignment in its relaxed state. This allows the jaw to perform basic function (such as chewing or speaking) without straining and injuring surrounding areas. This treatment requires regular visits and can range from six months to a year, depending on the patient’s condition.

Positioning Your Bite—Orthotics

If Dr. Jon determines that your bite is causing (or contributing to) TMJ, he will work with you to find the most comfortable position for your bite. Once this position is found, Dr. Jon can adjust your bite by making a custom orthotic (bite positioner) for you to wear, which allows your jaw to rest in this most comfortable position. Oftentimes, this is enough to relieve the symptoms. If it’s decided that the comfortable position of your orthotic is the correct position for you in the long run, Dr. Jon can recommend orthodontics or porcelain bonding to improve your bite permanently, so that you don’t have to continue wearing an orthotic/bite positioner.

Technology and Neuromusclar Dentistry

Years of clinical data and research, advances in modern dentistry, and the passion of pioneers of Neuromusclar Dentistry have brought forth technology that can help clinicians like Dr. Jon effectively treat those suffering from a bad bite or Temporomandibular disorder. Dr. Jon utilizes these technologies in his office to accurately and scientifically adjust and correct misaligned bites.

Dr. Jon will be more than happy to assess your symptoms and offer treatment from his Sacramento, Roseville and Rocklin office.

Dr. Jon and his staff are all excellent at their jobs. They are courteous, professional, and personable. I highly recommend Dr. Jon to all who ask about great Dental Care.

William G.

His team never treated me different because of my age or my financial circumstances. They were always so nice and pleasant. They were helpful and I always felt at home when I was there. It’s crazy how people can make you feel that way by just being as positive and kind as his team was.

Ayrika Marco-Perez

Dr. Jon provided his opinion of what he felt I needed to have done, most of which my insurance would not cover and I definitely did not have the money to pay for. Over several visits, we worked out a payment plan and he began a series of improvements that to this day have greatly changed my appearance and confidence.

Colin Mason

Thanks to the use of one of their affordable and extremely effective teeth whiting solutions, I find myself smiling extra large for the camera these days. I have convinced all three generations of my family to also become patients of Dr. Jon and they are all just as pleased as I am.

David Lane

I was pleasantly surprised when Dr. Jon not only diagnosed my problem correctly, but also told me that he had the solution for it! I have been wearing my custom-made orthotic appliance for a few weeks now. I noticed the relief after just only a few days of wearing it. I almost couldn’t believe the difference! It seemed too good to be true—but it IS true! THANK YOU SO MUCH! TMD sufferers: do not wait another minute! See Dr. Jon and start to feel like yourself again!

Christie A.

I was experiencing dehabilitating headaches due to excessive clenching. I became unable to talk for long periods of time. After only a few treatments, my jaw pain and headaches decreased considerably and for the first time in nearly 8 months I was able to sleep through the night. My recommendation to invest in treatment is extremely high. Dr. Jon and his staff create an environment of healing and reassurance!

Mindy T.

I am so thrilled about my new teeth. They are fabulous! I am so much more confident to smile and not so self-conscious. I am in sales and it has made a world of difference in my confidence. Thanks to you and your wonderful team for an extremely positive experience.

Cindy Foster

Veneers made me more confident and have given me a better smile. In my line of work, I deal with the public a lot and it’s great to be smiling. Even my wife’s dentist complimented them [veneers].

Jeff Luzado

I have always received excellent service and I have referred family and friends and will continue doing so.

Carmen Pagett

Jon and his staff are so incredibly caring and professional!

Mickey Scott

WOW! No pain, a lot of gain. I thought after having those three fillings redone I’d have some residual soreness. Dr. Jon did such an excellent job and was so diligent—I had no pain the next day. I’ve had a lot of dental work done over the last 40 years, and never have I been to an office that takes such pride in their work and really cares so much about every patient.

Steve H.

Dr. Jon’s is by far the cleanest, friendliest, experienced, and patient orientated dental office that I’ve ever seen. It’s actually a pleasure to go to the dentist…FINALLY!


I was very pleased & satisfied with my first visit to Dr. Jon’s office. His staff went out of their way to accommodate my concerns & my schedule. My initial exam was unlike any dental exam I’ve ever experienced in my life. Digital photography was used in an amazingly informative way to explain the plan of care Dr. Jon recommended for me.

Linda W.

I needed a dentist and Dr. Jon came highly recommended. So I took a chance and made an appointment. I have to say that from the first call to actual appointment, everything was above expectation. The confidence of Dr. Jon and the patience he showed, his great staff and the facilities made my drive from Elk Grove well worth it. Anyone and everyone that needs a dentist, this is the one to see.

Michael D.


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