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Myth Busting Teeth Whitening

What Should You Do? The Dilemma So…you want whiter teeth. You’re probably asking yourself, “Where do I start?” Should I get something over the counter? What about those places in the mall? Should I talk to my dentist? Does it really work? To answer the later, yes they work, but to varying degrees. There are so many variables for the consumer to consider. The Facts The most important thing that I tell my patients is to have reasonable expectations. Some people’s teeth whiten better than others. Anatomy, strength of enamel, age, teeth condition, how clean they are kept, etc., all...

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Fears of Unnecessary Treatment and False Information

People are afraid to go to the dentist because they think it could result in unnecessary treatment. It’s a valid concern. My advice: Ask Questions The best way to get over fear is to get informed and ask lots of questions. The initial examination is perhaps the most important visit. In our office, we take time to get to know the patient and really listen to them. See Pictures I find it very helpful to visually show patients what is going on. With the advent of digital technology, I use a video monitor any areas of concern. This takes away...

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