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How often should I visit Dr. Jon’s office?

We recommend coming in at least twice a year for a check-up and professional cleaning.

What should I expect during my appointment?

We’re excited to introduce you to our office and dental team, and gather all your necessary medical and dental history records. We will then:

  • Take a series of digital photos
  • Examine your teeth and gums
  • Screen you for signs of oral cancer
  • Complete a TMJ evaluation
  • Take x-rays of your teeth

After a thorough examination, Dr. Jon will discuss any findings with you. He will go over treatment options and you will have the opportunity to decide what’s best for you. If there is a need for further dental treatment, we’ll discuss payments and determine the best plan to fit your needs. We really try to make sure our patients are informed and comfortable with every procedure and cost.

What does “painless dentistry” mean?

We don’t want you to feel pain or discomfort during your visit and take extra measures to make your experience stress-free. For detailed information, please visit our Comfort Menu located on the website under Our Office.

What if I have an emergency?

You can reach us any time and any day of the week. If it is not during normal business hours, please call our office for Dr. Jon’s emergency contact number.

Are payment plans available for my dental treatment?

Yes! Please visit the Financing portion of our website for more details.

Can the dentist whiten my teeth?

Yes! Check out our Teeth Whitening section located under Modern Dentistry. Dr. Jon uses the best products available to achieve the best results possible!

What if I have a gap in my teeth, a chipped tooth, or teeth that do not respond to normal bleaching methods?

Dr. Jon is extremely passionate about cosmetic makeovers and how a beautiful smile can change someone’s life. Check out the Modern Dentistry section of our website to learn more about the possibilities you have. We look forward to having you join our Smile Gallery!


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