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Metal-Free Filling, Crowns & Bridges

Whether you are in need of new dental work or wanting to replace your existing metal fillings, crowns, or bridges, Dr. Jon’s metal-free procedures are quick and have many advantages:

  • They are tooth-colored, creating a natural white smile.
  • They require less invasive placement and are more stable than mercury amalgam.
  • They provide a tighter seal and do not weaken teeth—they don’t expand with heat the way that metal does.
  • They do not emit toxic mercury vapors.

Many of Dr. Jon’s patients who are undergoing cosmetic makeovers have received metal-free fillings, etc. as part of the aesthetic process. Patient Colin Mason, a sheriff, is a great example:

“I am very proud to show to my teeth and my new smile. He straightened and whitened
my teeth with veneers, fixed my cavities and fillings, and performed many other
services to get me to the point where I am now.”


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